MIN181 ENGLISH | Relationships and Ethics in Ministry

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Secular ethics are destroying America. They surround, then slowly invade lives. And neither the church-nor the clergy is immune!

InĀ Ministerial Ethics, T. Burton pierce examines the moral and ethical responsibilities and challenges facing today’s spirit-filled ministers. He calls ministers and laypeople alike not only to believe in, but to reflect God’s love, God’s justice, and God’s righteousness (Jeremiah 9.24).

Pierce turns to Scripture, offering illustrations from life along the way, to provide ministers with solid biblical direction-and warning! He presents the broad spectrum of Christian ethics in three logical sections.

  • The basis for Christian ethics
  • Ethics and Church doctrine
  • Ethics in practical ministry

In doing so, Pierce gives church leaders a defense of their ethics, charges them with personal ethical responsibility to the church, and provides desperately needed insight into matters such as ministerial influence, spiritual leadership, relationships, money, sex, and moral failure.